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Manufacturing of high quality technical textiles creates high demands for process engineering and machine precision. Precise coating and laminating of airbags, billboards, geo-grids as well as PTFE-diaphragms are done on Menzel ranges.

Our re-rolling and slitting machines can produce in a very reliable way, up to a maximum fabric width of 8.000 mm and tensile stress below 10 N and above 50.000 N.

Cost-effective production processes and permanent product innovations are prerequisites for market leadership as far as technical textiles are concerned.

In close cooperation with our customers we have been realizing these prerequisites for decades.



1 3-Roll Automatic Winder
2 Beam Washer
3 Brusher/Lint Collector
4 Hydraulic A-Frame Jack
5 Industrial Gas Combustion Analyzer
6 Inspection Machine
7 Multi-Station A-frame Winder
8 Oscillating Roll
9 Polyband Expander
10 Roller Accumulators
11 Seam Detectors
12 Singeing Machine
13 Type BRV Brushing and Vacuuming System
14 Unwind Cradle

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