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Continuance A-frame winding of fabrics, plastics, rubber and non-wovens is inefficient.



Menzel Multi-Station A-frame Winder

Menzel has developed a unique new multi-station winding system that speeds up the process and makes it more efficient. An overhead pull roll assembly pulls the web to the winding station and a hydraulic motor starts the wind. When one A-frame has reached its maximum winding diameter, the machine stops, cuts, and the operator attaches the fabric to the next empty roller. Designed to handle single web, two-slit widths or three-slit widths.



Standard Features:

  • Overhead roll assembly

  • Hydraulic drive system

  • A-Frames with fixed cores or removable air shafts for winding on cardboard cones

  • DC or AC inverter drive system

  • Manual elector value to start and stop each individual drive station

  • Single-web, two slit widths, or three-slit widths


Optional Features:

  • Accumulator can be used to accumulate material during the roll change process for a continuous operation.




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